Back to School Maintenance Checklist

August 30th, 2023 by


The back-to-school season is upon us, and if you have kids, that means getting your vehicle ready for a lot of morning and afternoon commutes. Performance Honda Bountiful can help you get your Honda in the best shape possible with end-of-summer car service. Our service center is your source for fluid checks, tire service, brake service, and much more. And, with service financing, we make it easy and afforeable to get much-needed services. 

Air Conditioning 

You’ve likely been running the car’s AC system during the summer months. Even though summer is coming to a close, it’s a smart idea to have the AC inspected to make sure it’ll continue to operate properly as the weather begins to change. Summer temperatures can persist into September. If you’ve noticed any odd noises coming from the AC, or if the air doesn’t feel cold, our service technicians will resolve the issue. 


Keeping up with routine fluid changes is a crucial part of car maintenance. At the end of summer, have the following fluids checked: 

  • Engine Oil
  • Brake Fluid
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Power-Steering Fluid

Engine Cooling System

Coolant is another fluid you’ll need to check for back-to-school time. Our service technicians will check the coolant level and chemical composition, as well as the radiator and hoses. Generally, engine cooling systems keep engines about 200 degrees F. If your car has been overheating, schedule a service visit at our service center as soon as possible! A hot hood, thumping noises, and reduced engine power are all signs of engine overheating. 


Brake systems take a beating — no matter the season. Brake pads are susceptible to thermal cycling, which is when a material experiences rapid and substantial temperature changes. This causes a lot of wear and tear on a car’s brake system. At Performance Honda Bountiful, we’ll fully inspect the brake system for signs of cracking and wear, including the brake pads, rotors, drums, etc. When your brakes are operating at their best, you and your family will feel much safer riding to school or to an after-school activity. 


Car batteries can fail during any season, but summer heat can be especially harsh. This is because heat evaporates the electrolytes a battery needs to operate correctly. At the end of summer, battery service is a must. Our team will check every aspect of your car’s battery, including the fluid level, posts, and connections. If any corrosion is present, and if the battery is still healthy, we’ll clean it off. This will get your battery ready, so you can start the engine on those cold, early mornings and take the kids to schools without hassle. 


If you’re like many North Salt Lake and Sandy drivers, you probably have two sets of tires: one for warm weather and one for cold. Summer tires or all-season tires are great for spring, summer, and fall, but around mid-October, you’ll want to think about switching to a winter set. We’ll help you choose the best tires for your Honda vehicle! 

Schedule End-of-Summer Service at Performance Honda Bountiful Today!

Performance Honda Bountiful is located in Bountiful, UT, where drivers can get expert auto service to prepare for back-to-school time. Schedule a service appointment at our service center to get your car inspected and, if necessary, repaired. Before you schedule, browse our Honda service specials for opportunities to save on tire service, battery service, and other services you might need. 

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